Why A Micro Market Is Better Than Traditional Vending

Is your current break room a place where employees enjoy congregating? What if instead of stopping for breakfast or running to the nearest convenience store for an afternoon snack, employees could just pop into the company break room and choose from a variety of fresh, delicious, healthy beverages and menu items?

With a micro market, they can. These in-house mini convenience stores far surpass traditional vending in terms of efficiency and employee satisfaction, and best of all, they’re absolutely free to install in your Dallas/Fort Worth area office when you partner with Perks & Provisions.

Improve Employee Satisfaction & Efficiency Of Breaks

Unless your employees pack their meals, snacks and beverages, they are undoubtedly leaving your office at some point during the day – maybe multiple times – to swing by the nearest convenience store, fast food chain or even grocery store. Unless you’re in a convenient walking city, this means driving, which eats into break time and adds to employee frustration.

With a micro market in your break room, employees are invited to sit and stay a while, chat with coworkers, and enjoy high-quality refreshments without the hassle of leaving the building for breaks. They return to their workspace feeling energized and satisfied that they maximized their break time.

This effectively transforms your break room from a functional refrigerator and water cooler into a real perk that increases employee morale. You may even find that it becomes a valuable asset when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees!

Customize The Menu To Meet Your Employees’ Preferences

With traditional vending, you’re relatively limited with what you can offer. In a micro market, the menu is fully customizable.

You can include all the traditional packaged snacks, bars and candy found in vending machines and convenience stores. Additionally, you can elevate your offerings with fresh breakfast and lunch menu items including pastries and baked goods, deli sandwiches, salads, and wraps, as well as healthy, organic, and gluten-free items that meet the needs of today’s health-conscious workforce. Fresh food is delivered daily, ensuring your employee’s have access to the same quality fare found in coffee shops or the grocer’s deli.

For beverages, you can offer everything from traditional water and soda, to San Pellegrino,energy drinks, bottled smoothies, and even made-to-order, single-serve Starbucks and Tazo tea products.

Best Of All, It’s FREE To Install

It may seem impossible, but there really is zero start-up or upfront costs to you! We will come to your office and assess your break room space, design a plan (a micro market can be installed in as little as 10′), then complete the installation within one day in most cases. We can even accommodate a night or weekend installation to further minimize your daily operations.

After that, your employees will enjoy fresh, healthy and delicious food and beverages with prices comparable to other convenience stores.

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There are so many more “perks” to partnering with us for a micro market break room makeover, and we can’t wait to share them with you! If you’re in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact Perks & Provisions today at (888) 669-7375 or fill out our online form to get started with a free quote.