Innovative Break Room Designs

Considering the landscape of your company break room is important. We are experts at designing breakrooms that garnish an open environment of fun and functionality.


  • We can make any size of space work
  • We can fit a market in as little as 10 ft of space
  • Installation will only take about 1 day
  • Can be done over a weekend or overnight
  • Lead time to installation time usually takes about 2 weeks
  • In-house design consultation for best use of space efficiency
  • Custom branding available to represent your company

Saving Space Designs
We can make any size of space work for your vending markets. Only 10 ft of space is needed to accommodate a market. We provide an in-house design consultation to create the best use of your space. We will provide the most efficient options to suit the design of your break room. Improve the aesthetics of your break room and customize to match your company’s branding.

“I would highly recommend Perks & Provisions to any company that is looking to make a lasting impression on their customers and employees.”
John K. – Automotive Industry

Installation Efficiency
Having installation and maintenance during working hours can cause a distraction for your employees. We ensure installation is as fast and efficient as possible so your staff can fully enjoy their break room. From the time your company partner with Perks and Provisions, we can schedule an installation within two weeks. In less than 24 hours, you can have a fully operational renovated breakroom. Schedule an install over a night or weekend or whenever works best for you.

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